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Relinquish the hustle and return to intuition, intention and self trust.

7-Week intensive. Cohort begins November 8, 2020
Enrollment is closed


The problem with most goal setting, productivity and efficiency systems is that they treat the human experiences  as linear.  

That's just not the way things work.  
Life isn't linear. 
Progress isn't linear.
Grief, healing, emotions and capacity aren't linear either.  

So why do we think that trying to force ourselves into linear ways of being won't be exhausting?  

We can't artificially create everything.  We can't force ideas, creativity and wisdom to show up, we have to create the space that allows for them to flourish. 

Some things only get accomplished by slowing down, feeling, and getting clear.  
Some things only move forward when we tell the truth.  
Some things happen in cycles and no amount of rushing, pushing or forcing is going to make them grow any faster. 

When we honor and move in harmony with these truths, things move faster, more freely and with more ease.  We are moving with life, not in conflict with it.

It's why hustling and discipline aren't paying off as promised. 

You can't hustle or discipline your way into wisdom, worthiness, discernment, confidence or knowing the best path forward.  

Besides... hard work and "discipline" aren't usually the deficits or the things that keep people from reaching their goals. 
Nearly everything we've learned about how to be "productive" humans and what makes us worthy of "success" is definitively anti-human.
You get taught and told: ​
...ignore your feelings.
...bypass your intuition.
....hustle, be "on" and plan within an inch of your life so that there is no room for error...which, coincidentally also leaves no room for inspiration, intuitive action or joy.

If that leaves you exhausted, frustrated and like there has to be a better way - I have something for you.
What if I told you that you can reconnect to your intuition and use it as the ultimate planning tool?

What If I told you that you can make planning and achieving your dreams a ritual?

What if I told you that  you could have a system that helps you prioritize yourself all the time?

What If I told you that you could slow down, work less and get more done?

What if I told you that you could learn how to tune in and know the next best steps to take to reach your goals, consistently?
You can. 
I've created a process to help you do all of it.  
That's ALCHEMY. ​
Elegant life design & planning.

Because it's not just about getting things done.  It's about having enough of you left when all is said and done. 


I'm Staci Jordan Shelton

I'm a performance consultant and coach who helps creatives, visionaries and change agents move 
From F*ck this Sh*t to Freedom™.  

That means helping you get free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that keep you from making audacious moves that support you in your success. 

I loathe the hustle, toxic work culture and relational dysfunction...so I help you succeed without all that mess.  

Is that you? 

Let's begin.

ALCHEMY: What You Get


7 recorded lessons on the Elements of Alchemy, The Alchemy Method,  and how to apply them reach your goals with ease and flow.

7 Live weekly coaching sessions to help you synthesize the work and put in into context for your own life and experience. 

Actionable exercises to help you integrate the work. 

Digital ALCHEMY planner to make this work a part of your daily life.  


Membership in my private ALCHEMY  space.  

Weekly group coaching calls

Weekly Co-Working Sessions for planning, visioning and implementing the Alchemy Method.
1 private 1:1 Alchemy session to help you with alignment + integration.  



A trauma and oppression informed performance professional as your coach, facilitator and guide.  

A community of other visionary leaders who want to return to ritual, intuition and intention as tools of creating and moving forward. 

A supportive community with shared goals and values so that the work sticks. 


"Staci is the best IN THE WORLD at asking the right questions. You always seem to know exactly what to ask so that I am guided to my own answers. It's empowering. It's ushering someone else into their own understanding instead of giving them yours."
Toya S.
"For the casual passerby, THIS WORK RADICALLY CHANGED MY LIFE.  I had been living a life rooted in fear and shame and over achievement for decades. Staci helped me slow down, get my shit together, and rise like a mother fucking Phoenix."

Sydney W.
"Staci is the best at inviting in pauses, contradictions and self reflection with grace and not ego. It teaches me that all the difficult questions deserve space to be with each other. It teaches me to give them (and myself) more air. Staci's leadership is an invitation into that honest part of ourselves. “
Amber B.