AUDACIOUS - May 2020 by Staci Jordan Shelton
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AUDACIOUS - May 2020

Yes, I mean everything.  
Enrollment is closed

Everything you want is on the other side of being AUDACIOUS enough to own your brilliance and go for it.

The life you want. 
The relationships you waant.  
The money you want. 

You have the chops. ​
You have brilliant ideas and a vision that is a game changer. 
You are already amazing at the work you do. 
You're showing up.  You're doing the work.
You've been hustling...hard.
...and you still don't have the , recognition, life or bottom line that reflects any of this. 
I know that those other coaches told you that you just need "work harder" or that if you haven't "made it" yet, its because  maybe you don't have what it takes, or that you don't want it bad enough.   
I call bullshit. 
I've seen people who work hard day in and day out who are struggling.  I see brilliant  people who do amazing work and still can't get their projects to take off.  

So clearly, hard work, brilliance and doing the work isn't the whole story.  
Doing the work and being brilliant isn't enough. 

It's not just about showing's about HOW you show up.  

I'm here to help you shift how you show up.​

The success you want requires that you connect to your vision, create a plan that fits, feeds and fuels you, reclaim your voice, show up  authentically and and take bold action that says you're ready to have it.  

You don't need any more experience, certifications qualifications, degrees or external validation.
You don't need to conform or fall in line. 
You need to learn how to lead from a place of true integrity and confidence.
You need to own your brilliance - out loud.  

You need to be AUDACIOUS.   

Are you ready?  Let's Begin. 

Hey I'm Staci

...and I'm on a mission to help you be a liberated audacious leader, create your best work live your best audacious life.   

I'm a leadership and performance consultant with a 25 year track record of facilitating powerful shifts and amazing outcomes in businesses and lives, so I’m qualified and capable of making sure it happens for YOU. 

Asking powerful questions, finding solutions, building solid frameworks & strategies for sustainable success and helping you get free from the programming and hidden traps that keep you from executing powerfully and reaching goals are my superpowers.  

I created AUDACIOUS so that I could guide entrepreneurs and leaders through the same process I've use to help Fortune 500 leaders, corporate clients, creatives and entrepreneurs launch successful projects and take performance and profits to the next level.  

Are you ready?  
Let's get to work.