Join Legendary - A community for leaders who are ready to take ownership of their energy, manage their mindset, level up, build legacy and become legendary. 

To get what you want, you have to be AUDACIOUS and ALIGNED.

But, being AUDACIOUS and ALIGNED aren't the end.  Actually, they're just the beginning. 

When I think about goals processes, practices, and motives for doing things one of my favorite questions to ask about them is: “To what end?”
Like, truly...what’s the end game?

For me, And the end game isn’t aligning or being audacious solely for the sake of being aligned or audacious. 

The point of being audacious and aligned is so that you can actually have and live the life you want.  You know...Peace. Joy. Beautiful relationships. Dreams come true. Goals. Life with purpose and meaning. 

To leave a legacy beyond just making money and being a consumer. 

To align with purpose, reconnecting to your power, developing solid practices, being your authentic self and audaciously going after and getting what you want.   

When you start being audacious consistently…something powerful happens.

You Become LEGENDARY.  

That's the end game. 
Making a mark. 
Leaving a legacy. 
Showing folks how it's done.

That's the invitation and call to action for this work.  

If you're ready to actually move your audacious dreams and goals out of your journal and off of your “someday list” and bring them to life... it's time and I've got something for you.

You have work to do.
You have people to impact and inspire.
You have big, rich visions to bring to pass.

Being audacious isn't the endgame..it's the engine.  

The endgame is being LEGENDARY.

Productive in an integrated, aligned, hustle free way.

Showing and proving and changing the game.
Living the Habits of The Fabulously Audacious in real life.

I won't lie, it will require something of you. 

You'll have to take action.  
You’re going to have to do it afraid.
You’re going to have to move out of the circles of finger waggers and naysayers.
You’re going to have to stay focused on your vision and dream and show up for yourself and be devoted to your joy and your dreams.
You’re going to have to embody audacity and learn how to practice audacious self care.
You’re going to have to stop stopping.
You’re going to have to stop complaining about what you don’t want and creating what you do want. 

You can absolutely do it. 

That’s the stuff LEGENDS are made of.

It's time for you to move into being LEGENDARY. ​

I'm Staci Jordan Shelton

I'm a performance consultant and coach who helps creatives, visionaries and change agents move 
From F*ck this Sh*t to Freedom™.  

That means helping you get free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that keep you from making audacious moves that support you in your success. 

I loathe the hustle, toxic work culture and relational dysfunction...so I help you succeed without all that mess.  

Is that you? 

Let's begin.

Presenting...LEGENDARY: a mentoring membership for leaders who want to leave legacy.

LEGENDARY is a group coaching collective for leaders, healers, change agents, and creatives who are ready to be free, live audaciously, create new worlds and ways of being, and build legacy.  

You'll develop your audacious presence, reconnect to your power and and develop a solid praxis, that will support you in consistently reaching your goals and get to work on building your legacy. 

That means doing some work to get free from the beliefs, behaviors and binaries that unconsciously shape how you live, work, and lead and keep you from having the life and success you want. 

You'll uncover the stories and narratives that drive your choices and responses, and trade them in for practical  processes, practices and strategies to move you into living, creating and leading from place of power, integrity, intention and clarity instead of reactivity and fear.   

IN SHORT...YOU'LL BE ALIGNED...and AUDACIOUS so you can stop spinning your wheels and start building your LEGACY. 

What will you be getting in the space?

You’ll be getting free from playing small and that means facing your patterns, triggers and getting free from them…and taking ACTION.

You'll get to work on reclaiming your power, getting clear on your purpose, crafting your presence, rooting into your  principles, and developing a praxis to reach your goals in a community with support.  

You’l get access GENESIS, my signature program to help you get free from the things that keep you stuck and stalling.  You'll also get access to my Project Audacity and Sovereign Boundaries work - to help you identify the areas and actions you need to strengthen to create move into being an audacious, legendary leader. 

You'll get monthly group coaching sessions with me and exclusive live broadcasts, trainings inside a community of leaders committed to integrity, liberation, authenticity, audaciousness and making shit happen.

The membership is $222/month or $2220 for a year (which is cheaper than the cost of the programs alone).  

You'll also get a 15% discount on AUDACIOUS and other select programs when they reopen.  


  • LEGENDARY is for you if you are ready to live big dreams and leave a legacy.
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you're ready to trade complaining for creating and taking charge of your destiny.  
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you are ready to get out of your own way, have more peace, more joy, more money, and create the life and business you want….not just the one someone else said you should have.
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you're ready to do the work to divest and decolonize, because let’s face it, a BIG part of the problem is that you’ve been fed some BS your whole life about what you can’t do or be and it’s time to get free from ALL of it.
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you're ready to let go of binary thinking and behaviors that don't serve you.  
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you're truly ready to stop waiting for others to change and change yourself to get what you want.  
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you're ready to be in a community of dreamers, believers and doers. 
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you're ready to stop wishing, hoping, praying and musing about the dream and actually live the dream. 
  • LEGENDARY is for you if you're ready to take audacious action to go for it, whatever "it" is. 

LEGENDARY is for you if you're ready to be...well...LEGENDARY. 

If that's you, then let's go. 


Conforming and copying others is the very opposite of being legendary and deep down, you know that it doesn’t work.

I develop leaders who change the game, who create the trends.  I help leaders succeed as themselves, and what I know is that success and audacity are not one size fits all.

The reason my work works is...
I don’t play on the surface. 
I traffic in Truth, because the truth sets you free.

I know binaries are BS and they keep you stuck or stalling. 


I’m a non conformist. By nature. 

To be a conformist in this culture is to confine yourself to boxes that stifle creativity and ingenuity and suffocate your heart.

So I'm going to always encourage your authenticity, originality and creativity.  

It's entirely possible to be authentically yourself and still succeed. In fact, it's the best kind of success. 

I know because I’ve done it.
I’ve helped thousands of others do it.

I'm ready to help you do it, too.