Project Alchemy by Staci Jordan Shelton
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Project Alchemy

Reclaim Yourself. 
Return to ritual, retire from the hustle and STILL reach your goals and dreams on demand.

Join me for my free 3 day intensive: Project ALCHEMY.
The session begins Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Enrollment is closed

The key to consistently reaching your goals and solving challenges isn't hustling, controlling and's alignment.


Return to Ease and Flow

Somewhere deep down you know that hustling, having to systematize everything in your life and act like a machine isn't helping you.  

You shouldn't have to disconnect from being human to succeed.  

I believe that we so often KNOW the way but we have been convinced, modernized and assimilated out of our knowing.  

We love to talk about reclaiming our time, but reclaiming our time means that we relinquish the hustle and trying to automate everything.  You can't automate connection and creation.  Some things require us to be feel and to return to ourselves.  

That requires that we return to ritual...reconnect to intuition and adopt a more intentional way of being and moving in the world.  

In short, to return to a little bit of magic.  

I'm here to help you do that.  

To return to have to give up illusions.  

There's real magic and fake magic.  

Real magic is about creation, and alignment.  Fake magic is making things look easy while you're killing yourself and working yourself into an early grave or abandoning yourself to look successful.  

Illusions are to make things look real.  You need your dream life to BE real.  

That's why I'm doing Project ALCHEMY.   It's a free 3-part intensive to help you get crystal clear on how to lean into and leverage the principles of alchemy to tap into your magic, intuition and knowing and move through your life in flow.  

The next live Project ALCHEMY session begins October 27th.  Join here: 


I'm Staci Jordan Shelton

I'm a performance consultant and coach who helps creatives, visionaries and change agents move 
From F*ck this Sh*t to Freedom™.  

That means helping you get free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that keep you from making audacious moves that support you in your success. 

I loathe the hustle, toxic work culture and relational I help you succeed without all that mess.  

Is that you? 

Let's begin.


"For the casual passerby, THIS WORK RADICALLY CHANGED MY LIFE.  I had been living a life rooted in fear and shame and over achievement as the solve for decades. Staci helped me slow down, get my shit together, and rise like a mother fucking Phoenix."
~Sydney W. 

"Need to find your ground? Need to learn to stand in your power and define your agency? Want to un-complicate and clarify your relationship to all of the above?
 Staci Jordan Shelton IS. YOUR. WOMAN."
~ Sera B

"Working with Staci about what REAL power is literally changed my life,  it was the next step I needed, to stop thinking that my power was reflected by other's actions, that my power is somehow, "out there"
~ Michelle D