Project Audacity by Staci Jordan Shelton
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Project Audacity

You don't need to reinvent yourself to achieve success...You need to reclaim yourself and be audacious.  

Join me for my free 7 day intensive: Project Audacity. 
Enrollment is closed

You don’t need another qualification, certification, piece of validation or to hustle harder to get your work into the world and start reaching your goals.  ​ You just need to be a little more AUDACIOUS. Ready? Sign up here. It's free.

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You Are Already Enough

Too much self-help, life and business coaching tells you that the key to success is hustling, working hard performing, and making yourself "acceptable" to be picked.  

I'm here to tell you that it's not true. 

You don't need another degree, certification or letter behind your name to start showing up and taking space.  In fact, waiting for those things is probably delaying your progress and keeping you from everything you want including the money. 

I have news for you: if you believe you're not enough or that you can't make a living without changing everything about yourself or chasing validation, you'll be stuck in a cycle of "never good enough".  You'll be waiting to be picked or waiting to be perfect or waiting for permission from people you've deemed the experts on worthiness and wealth. 

It's a sham.

You are already enough. 
Right now. 
It's time to lean into that enough-ness and start working and and seeing success from that knowing.  

That's the work and promise of Project Audacity.  

Everything you want is on the other side of audaciously owning your brilliance, showing up and taking action.  Everything.

Project Audacity is a FREE 7-part intensive to help you get crystal clear on how to lean into and leverage your unique way of being and succeed as yourself. Over the course of 7 session, you'll learn about how to cultivate an Audacious Presence, connect to your Purpose and develop a healthy, supportive Praxis so that you can finally stop trying to conform or perform your way into success. 

It's not about's about presence, purpose and praxis.  Ditch discipline and live from devotion.  Connect to those and the game is guaranteed to change. 

The next live Project Audacity session begins September 27th.  Join here: 


I'm Staci Jordan Shelton

I'm a performance consultant and coach who helps creatives, visionaries and change agents move 
From F*ck this Sh*t to Freedom™.  

That means helping you get free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that keep you from making audacious moves that support you in your success. 

I loathe the hustle, toxic work culture and relational I help you succeed without all that mess.  

Is that you? 

Let's begin.


"Project Audacity helped me see what was possible for my life."

"Project Audacity showed me how to show up without all the hustling and actually make some money without trying to be all things to all people."

"Project Audacity affirmed my way of showing up in the world.  Staci gave us some tough love and strategies for how to show up right now.   I have been showing up differently on all of my platforms and I feel more at ease...and I'm getting more engagement and sales.  I don't have to be anybody other than who I am.  That feels good."