Sovereign Boundaries by Staci Jordan Shelton
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It's time to reclaim your time, space and peace.

Join me for Sovereign Boundaries - A workshop to reclaim your time, peace and recenter yourself in your own life.  
Friday, June 12, 2020
12:00PM - 2:30PM, EST

Reclaiming Your Peace Requries Reaffirming Your Sovereignty.  

Are you exhausted and depleted by all the conversations, noise, heaviness and trauma in the world? Are you feeling like you have nothing left for yourself or your dreams?

Something has to change. 
No, you cannot just look the other way and pretend it's not all happening.  Some parts of life are inescapable, and you  can still reclaim what little time, space, and energy you have and redirect it in service to your safety, sanity, peace and dreams.  

You still have a future.  
I want to help you help you be here and more nourished and resourced for it.  

Rein and Reign.  

Now is the time to do both. 
Rein in your energy. Reign as the Sovereign Ruler of your time, space, energy and life. 

You are priceless and necessary.   

You, the healers, the future builders, the change agents - our most valuable asset and our most precious resource.
Your dreams are precious.
Your energy is valuable.
Your work is necessary.
You are irreplaceable. 

You have to be here for the long haul.

That means disconnecting from the things that deny your humanity and infringe upon your agency.   You have to have responsive boundaries that give you the time, space and energy to do what you need to do.  To do that, you have to recenter your self and reconnect to your sense of sovereignty so that you can direct and devote your energies to the things that give you the time, energy and space to thrive as best you can right now.  It's  critical. 

You deserve some space and peace. 

Join me for SOVEREIGN Boundaries - a workshop to help you reconnect to your sovereignty, reclaim your power, reclaim your time and learn how to shape truly healthy boundaries once and for all.   

Can't join live? No problem. The replay will be available for 48 hours.  

This work is FREE for  Black people who want to attend. If you would like a seat - SIGN UP HERE. 
If you would like to gift a seat for a Black person to attend, You can do that HERE.

Join Sovereign Boundaries

Sovereign Boundaries

Starts Jun 12, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT

Enrollment is closed

I'm Staci Jordan Shelton

I'm a performance consultant and coach who helps creatives, visionaries and change agents move 
From F*ck this Sh*t to Freedomâ„¢.  

That means helping you get free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that keep you from making audacious moves that support you in your success. 

I loathe the hustle, toxic work culture and relational I help you succeed without all that mess.  

Is that you? 

Let's begin.